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Why I chose fast food?
Currently fast food has been a style of food that is prepared and used to eat quickly in specialized stores. Fast Food has become famous because it has fast service, extendedhours, affordable prices and a vast network of strong advantages are fast food chains.
Millions of people eat fast food every day and there are millions of establishments of fast food over the worldas Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Carl´s Jr, etc.
The principal reason I chose fast Food is:
* Currently fast food has become a famous way to eat.
* Fast Foodhas many benefits and is easy to get.
* Fast Food has also issues and pitfalls.

Title: Fast food, benefits and pitfalls
A. Introductory statement Almost all the peoplelove fast food, like McDonalds, Wendy´s, or Burger King.
B. Thesis statement: People just enjoy the benefits of fast food without thinking of the consequences or pitfalls of it.

BodyC. First Supporting Idea: There are several benefits of fast food that we can take profit of.
1. One of these benefits is the prize, which is really cheap compare to otherrestaurants
2. Like its name refers to, is “fast” to get and eat.
3. Another advantage is that these restaurants are located everywhere, so they are nearby everybody.
D. SecondSupporting Idea: On the other hand there are several pitfalls as well
4. Like we all know this kind of food is really unhealthy, and provokes many consequences in our body.
5. Italso doesn’t count with the proper hygiene that should be main priority on any restaurant.
6. The worst part is that all most all these food contains hazardous ingredients that could bedangerous, even lethal.
E. Third Supporting Idea: Despite the pitfalls this food can be properly consumed, and not judged, yet is the consumers responsibility to eat it or not and to balance how...
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