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In the last decades has developed with enough quickly a tourism shape very special: the paranormal, which is characterized for visiting those places where people believe that live in ghosts or happen strange things.
Practically all the countries of the world have places of this characteristics, only some are commercialize, building all abusiness around of the paranormal.
Some regions of the Europe old are very visit for people that love the paranormal. How investigative or simple tourists in search of news adventures. In Latin America, this type of tourism is enough develops in countries how Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

In Arequipa the legends form part of our monumental history, of a supernatural past of belief and myths thatthe popular culture combine with old world histories, and place in streets, bridge, churches and old houses, where the imagination crosses the reality create histories as Monica the condemned’s legend, the mysterious devil’s bridge, Bolognesi bridge’s siren, the image of Cathedral’s devil, and all this combine it with the old Greece but the only, original and own of Arequipa knows in theactuality as “Enchanted house legend” or also know like “The devil house” in Yanahuara and that today is historic and cultural heritage of the nation putting in value and promote into the tourist circuits of Yanahuara and promoter of the paranormal or mystic tourism in the Arequipa’ region.

Meanwhile, actually is promoting this type of tourism the General Cemetery’s Apacheta, that today is historiccultural heritage of Arequipa that will be part of the Arequipa’ tourist route, with visits on the day and night that will permit to know its history and with the full moon lighting, people and the tourists could cover the Apacheta for knowing the myths and legends that keep this cemetery, that is one of the more old of the country and although looks a few strange about the tours or walks at night inthe cemeteries, countries like Lima or Latin America, already enjoy of night tours, in this time Arequipa’ city also includes in this type of attraction the journey in the cemetery will start at the 6:30 p.m and will have a length of 2 hours of journey, only in day of full moon. The dates of the next excursions in Apacheta’ cemetery, for the rest of 2012 is:
Friday, November 2nd; Monday,November 5th; Sunday, December 2nd and Wednesday, December 5th. The hour of starts will be 6:30 or 7:00 p.m with a length of 2 hours only day of full moon, with a costs of S/. 10.00 And the admissions are selling in the Public Welfare Society of Arequipa.


1. Thanks to this kind of tourism, old monuments and personages that form part of the regional history, is recover bymeans of tourist circuits.
2. In the case of night tour in Apacheta’ cemetery will be to visit the tomb where is bury Monica, the condemned, that according to the legend, she goes out all nights to bother to men.
3. Around of 250 monuments, adorn the centenaries tombs old the cemetery, in that were bury personages recognized that form part of the Arequipa’ history.
4. The cemetery wascreating in 1848. It has an area of 130 thousand meters square and actually, registers as far as 170 thousand funerals.


1. Nevertheless when you will go this type of destinations, you must respect the legends and myths.
2. Preserving the destination of this type like the paranormal, you must meet the local’s history for knowing what to do.
3. When people goto the tourist centers, you must respect to the souls and spirits that encircle the local.
4. You must know the entrance and the exit, that’s how signposting in view of any problem for being places with legends and all will be in the same boat.



En las últimas décadas se ha desarrollado con bastante rapidez una forma de turismo muy...
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