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Fieldtrip El Bosque
It was a real good adventure being around El Bosque to know better about the environment there, the plants, trees andabout the river. These are some facts that I learn in my visit during the fieldtrip. We learned about the native vegetation and the exoticvegetation that have different species. Also the guide says the the river become more empty that was used to be in the past. The river ecosystemhas fewer rivers than before, now you can walk across the river. The warm blast lives down the bridge. Volunteers build nest to the birds tolive under the bridge. I learned about the exotic Siberian trees that seems similar to cottonwood trees, the Siberian exotic trees are thefirst to start turning green. Also he says that volunteers help in El Bosque to plant trees is mostly 99% help of people and the other 1 % theenvironment.
For the salt trees they have to cut the blue part and also the exotic trees take lots of water, 200 gallons of water a day isa tree very flammable. The tree of heaven Siberian medium high trees is real flammables. Also one fact is that the finer grass is a source offood for elephants. The animals provide other animals to roost, birds love spring and that’s when is starting the migration. I really enjoythis visit is something that I don’t usually do be around this types of environment I think I would go back soon to explore more by myself.
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