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1 crop, GM, maize, organic, pesticide, pollen, seed (and possibly other words too) 2 a They aretrying to grow organic crops. b–c Open answers 3 a 7 b 3 c 7 d 3 e 3 f 3 g 7 h 7 i 7 j 3 k 7 l 3 4 a Uncle Dave; his accident b Joe’s mother; his holidays c Joe;his surfboard d Aunt Jenny; the Ladocks e Aunt Jenny; organic vegetables f Joe; his aunt and uncle’s farm 5 –7 Open answers 8 a vegetables b surfing c eating d farm e surfingf angry g coffee h GM i interested j enemy 9 –10 Open answers 11 a Fistral Beach b Newquay c a potato d Anna e Kate f the surfers g Joe h Anna 12–16 Open answers17 a questions b do c test d trusts e protesting f death g seen h lying i Keep j trash 18 a ‘Where are you going?’ b ‘Do you know how much pollen it will produce?’c ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ d ‘Are you free tonight?’ e ‘So you climbed Cloud Hill?’ f ‘I’m not coming with you because it’s wrong.’ 19 Open answers 20 a surfing b destroyed c atthe farm d after e angry f later than she planned g made h will 21 a true b untrue: Joe doesn’t trash the GM crops with Anna; he is in bed at the time. c true d true euntrue: Joe will never be welcome at the Ladocks’ farm. f true 22 Possible answers: a There is a storm, with rain and lightning. b They trash the GM maize crop. c The Ladocks are worriedand angry. d Joe is sorry that he is telling lies. He is unhappy that the Ladocks will lose money. He feels stupid and worried. He can’t sleep and has terrible dreams. 23 –31 Open answersDiscussion activities key
1 a Open answers b Something that makes you think carefully c Joe and his aunt and uncle 2 a page 17 b page 25 c page 19 3 –31 Open answers

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