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Want to Make Money Trading FOREX?
Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis can help you better understand what it takes to be
successful with VantagePoint. The easy to read book covers:

Fundamental factors that drive currency markets.

Mechanics of forex trading.

Chart patterns that can indicate break out moves.

Howmarkets drive and influence each other.

Louis B. Mendelsohn is a world-renowned pioneer in the use of intermarket analysis combined
with neural-network based software to analyze global financial markets. He is President and
Chief Executive Officer of Market Technologies, which he founded in 1979 to develop technical
analysis trading software for the commodity futures markets.
In 1983 Mr.Mendelsohn authored a series of ground-breaking articles in Futures magazine in
which he outlined his vision for strategy back testing for personal computers. That same year he
introduced ProfitTaker Futures Trading Software, the world’s first commercially available
strategy back-testing trading software for personal computers.
In 1987, Lou introduced the first commercially available softwareto address the emerging
globalization of the financial markets through the application of intermarket analysis in trading
software. In 1991, he introduced his second-generation intermarket analysis software program,
VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software, which applies the pattern recognition capabilities
of artificial intelligence to global intermarket data, and quantifies the effects ofrelated global
markets on each other in order to make short-term market forecasts. Since then, Lou has
continued to improve VantagePoint’s predictive accuracy, which now makes trend forecasts for
more than 600 global financial markets with nearly 80% forecast accuracy.
Lou is a prolific author, having written dozens of articles on technical analysis and the global
financial system in suchpublications as Barron's; Futures; The Journal of Trading; Technical
Analysis of Stocks & Commodities; Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine; and the Journal of
Commerce. As a contributor to, he now brings his wealth of knowledge to
traders and investors around the globe.


Chapter 1

What Is 'Forex'?
Every country has its own currency to facilitate its business andtrade. The value of one currency
versus another depends on the economic health of the nations involved relative to one another as well
as the perception of stability and confidence in the political climate in those countries. As conditions
change, currency values fluctuate to reflect the new situation. These fluctuations create challenges
for corporate financial officers and institutional fundmanagers but also provide opportunities for
traders who want to speculate on impending changes in currency values.
By their very nature, currencies entail strong intermarket relationships. It is obvious that a currency
cannot trade in isolation and that the mass psychology that drives changes in the value of one
currency is bound to have an influence on what happens to other currencies as well...
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