Formation temperature sensitivity

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Formation Temperature Sensitivity

In order to evaluate the behavior of the well since the start of the steam injection, a simulation study was conducted. Due to TWBS is asteady state simulator and the flow rates for the production are unknown, a production profile (including the next variables: oil rate, water rate, water cut and temperature alongthe time) was requested to know the behavior of the water cut during the well production life and to compare this results with the temperature of the reservoir.

[pic]Results presented above are from the Stars software. These results mainly show the high increase in the water cut since the beginning of the steam injection. Point 1 and point 2 inthe figure show that a water cut of 70% is reached for a reservoir temperature of 70 °C approximately. Therefore, an assumption of a water cut of 70 % (approximately) was madebased in the Stars results to make the simulations with TWBS.

For the simulations with TWBS, other parameters were fixed to analyze only the impact of the temperatureincrease: reservoir pressure and gas lift injection were assumed 30 bar and 15000 m3/d respectively.

TWBS results show the production behavior (oil, water and total rate) during theincrease of the temperature. These results can’t be compared to the results presented above due that Stars make the calculation of the surface rates without any artificial liftmethod. Then, this comparison seems to be not recommended, though the results show similar tendencies. Results show below could be considered as a representation of the wellproduction since the beginning of 2009 until the production stabilizes its value approximately (middle of 2007 in the Stars picture).


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