Formato de la u notredame para ingresar

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2009-10 First-year Application
For Spring 2010 or Fall 2010 Enrollment


Legal name __________karol casallas____________

Last/Family/Sur (Enter name exactly as it appears on official documents.) First/Given Middle (complete) Jr., etc.

Preferred name, if not first name (choose only one) _____karola______________ Birth date26/01/93 > > Male

Former last name(s), if any _______________________________________ US Social Security Number, if any ___________________________________
Optional, unless applying for US Federal financial aid with the FAFSA form

E-mail address _____________karola93_@hotmail.com_______________________
Number & Street City/Town Area Code State/Province

IM address______kra 70c Nº 50-33_____
Apartment # Country Area Code ZIP/Postal Code

Permanent home address ____________________________________________________________

_____________________________________ _______ __ ____________________________________________________________


____ Permanent home phone (_____________) _________ ____________________ Cell phone (_____________) ________________________ __________ ____

If different from above, please give your current mailing address for all admission correspondence.
Current mailing address ____________________________________________________________


Number & Street City/Town State/Province Country Apartment # ZIP/Postal Code____________________________________________________________


____ ___ If your current mailing address is a boarding school, include name of school here: ____________________________________________________________

__ Phone at current mailing address (_____________) _____________________
Area Code

(from ___________ to___________)
(mm/dd/yyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy)

Your answers to these questions will vary for different colleges. If the online system did not ask you to answer some of the questions you see in this section, this college chose not to ask that question of its applicants. College: ________________________________________________________ Entry Term: > Fall (Jul-Dec) Deadline:______________________________________________________

> Spring (Jan-Jun) > Rolling Admission > Early Decision II > Early Action II > Early Admission
juniors only

Decision Plan: > Regular Decision > Early Decision > Early Action > Restrictive Early Action

Career Interest: ________________________________________________

> Yes > No Do you intend to apply for need-based financial aid? Do youintend to apply for merit-based scholarships? > Yes > No Do you intend to be a full-time student? > Yes > No Do you intend to enroll in a degree program your first year? > Yes > No Do you intend to live in college housing? ______________________________ Academic Interests: _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


> US citizen > Dual US citizen > US permanent resident visa (Alien registration # _____________________ ) > Other citizenship (Visa type ____________________________________ )
List any non-US countries of citizenship_______________________________ ____________________________________________________________


_ How many years have you lived in the United States?_____________________ Place of birth ______________________________________________________
City/Town State/Province Country

1. Are you Hispanic/Latino?

> Yes, Hispanic or Latino (including Spain) > No

Please describe your background ________________________________________________

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