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Frank Shepard Fairey was born in Charleston, South Carolina. His father, Strait Fairey, is a doctor, and his mother, Charlotte, a realtor.
He’s an American contemporary graphic designer and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding.
Shepard Fairey attended Porter Gaud, a private, college preparatory shool, in Charleston, SC, for several years before tranferring to Wando HighSchool, in Mt. Pleasant, SC, in 1985. He completed two years at Wando and then again transferred, but across the country, to ISOMATA (Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts) in Ildyllwild, CA, for his senior year. He officially graduated from ISOMATA 1988. After high school, he attended Rhode Islande School of Design (RISD) and majored in Illustration. It was during his years at RISD that he firstcreated the original 'Andre the Giant has a Posse' sticker and also "liberated" his first billboard with an image of Andre. Fairey graduated from RISD in 1992 with a Bachelors of Arts in Illustration.
Fairey started to place his drawings on skateboards and t-shirts.
He first become known for his ‘‘André the Giant Has a Posse’’ sticker campaign but his work become more known in the 2008 U.S.presential election because he made a poster to support Barack Obama called Hope. Because the Hope poster had been done illegally and independently by the street artist, the Obama campaign declined to have any direct affiliation with it although Peter Schjelahl (art critic) called the poster ‘‘ the most efficacious American political illustration since Uncle Sam Wants You’’.
Although the campaignofficially disavowed any involvement in the cration or popularization of the poster, Fairey has commented in interviews that he was in communication with campaign official during the presential election following yhe poster’s release and they made him change the original design of the poster because Fairey used the word ‘‘progress’’ which was changed to ‘‘Hope’’.
Fairey distributed 300.000 stickersand 500.000 posters during the campaign.
In February Fairey recived a letter of thanks from Barack Obama for his contribution to the campaign. In 2009 the Hope poster was acquired by the U.S. National Portrait Gallery.
He is also the creator of OBEY clothing based on his sticker campaign ‘‘André the Giant Has a Possé’’ which later involved the ‘‘Obey Giant’’ campaign.  Distributed bythe skater community, the stickers featuring an image of André the Giant began showing up in many cities across the U.S.A. The Obey Giant website says: "The sticker has no meaning but exists only to cause people to react, to contemplate and search for meaning in the sticker." The website later goes on to contradict this statement however by saying that those who are familiar with the sticker simply find humorand enjoyment from its presence. Those who actually try to look deeper into its meaning only burden themselves and often end up condemning the art as an act of vandalism from an evil, underground cult.
The original "André the Giant has a posse" sticker format has been widely imitated for humorous intent. In these parody stickers, the image of André the Giant has been replaced with a similarlystylized black-and-white photo of some other person or character, along with the new figure's height and weight. These parody stickers are a further extension of the original "joke", and thus are most likely to be found in locations where the original André the Giant iconography is already familiar, such as SoHo, Manhattan, or South Street, Philadelphia. An unusual occurrence of a parody sticker was atthe particle physics laboratory Fermilab where the director of the lab was the subject of the sticker. Tenacious D produced stickers with the slogan "Obey the D" and stylized images of their members, Jack Black, and Kyle Gass, over their initials. Guitar Hero II features a "Vlad has a Posse" sticker on various loading screens throughout the game. Electronic Frontier Foundation created a...
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