Fuel Injection Systen

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Fuel injection system
Is responsible for supplying the fuel for engine operation, being able to distinguish two main sections:

a). High pressure circuit to galvanize the fuel at a given pressureto be introduced into the combustion chambers.

b). Low pressure circuit, responsible for sending fuel from the reservoir in which is stored at the injection pump.

The circuit would be formed asfollows:
• Fuel tank.
• Feed pump.• Pipes

• Filter.
• Injection pump.
• Injectors.

This would be the functioning of the circuit:

The suction pump sucks fuelfrom the tank through a filter grid, located at the end of the suction pipe. This fuel reaches through a first filter that removes impurities thickest suspension bearing diesel. Then send it to pumpfuel filter and then happen to the injection pump, which would send it to the injectors.

Feed pump normally operates at pressures around 1 or 2 Kg/cm2 and in sufficient quantity, being a valve whichregulates these pressures, having a return pipe for excess fuel which goes back to the reservoir.

This pump usually has a small hand pump priming, which uses the same circuit and serves to purgeand fill the fuel pipes.

If the injection pump element is online, the feeding pump will normally coupled to it, receiving the movement of the camshaft of the injection pump itself.

In this casethe pump would normally be of piston type and roller spring, housed in a cylinder.

If the injection pump was rotary pump and incorporates its own power.

The pump delivers fuel injection pressureneeded to the various cylinders, which passes through the the injectors, which pulverized.

From them, the surplus is not in the cylinder is returned through the overflow pipes.

Fuel Tank:...
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