Functional- Notional Approach

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Magdalena Moreno September 12, 2012
Professor: Arlinda Lopez

Topic: The Functional-Notional ApproachDefinition: The Functional – Notional Approach is a method of language teaching. Is categorized under the rubric of communicative approach. The emphasis is on breaking down the global concept oflanguage into units of analysis in terms of communicative situations in which they are used. In other words it place mayor emphases on the communicative purposes of speech.
Teaching ApproachPrincipals
In 1972, the British linguist D.A. Wilkins published a document that proposed a radical shift away from using the traditional concepts of grammar and vocabulary to describe language to ananalysis of the communicative meanings that learners would need in order to express themselves and to understand effectively. This initial document was followed by his 1976 work Notional Syllabuses,which showed how language could be apologizing on the basis of notions such as quantity, location and time, and functions such as making requests, making offers and apologizing.
Characteristics ofthe method:
1. A functional view of language focusing on doing something through language
2. A semantic base, as opposed to a grammatical or asituational base
3. A learner-centered view of language learning4. A basis in the analysis of learner needs for using language that is reflected in goals, content selection and sequencing, methodology, and evaluation5. learner-centered goals, objectives, and content organization reflecting authentic language behavior and offering a spiraling development of content...
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