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Yutzil Rebolledo Arias.
Tema: Trabajo de investigación sobre avances tecnológicos.
The Avion.
The dream of flying back to prehistory. Many legends and mythsof the ancient stories of the Greek case flights as the flight of Icarus. Leonardo da Vinci, among other visionary inventors designed a plane, in the fifteenth century. With the first flight by man by(Jean-François de Rozier and François Pilâtre Laurent d'Arlandes) on a device lighter than air, a balloon, the biggest challenge became building a machine heavier than the air, able to take flight ontheir own.

Years of research by many people eager to get this achievement, generated weak results and slow, but steady. On August 28, 1883, John J. Montgomery was the first person to make acontrolled flight with a machine heavier than air, a glider. Other aviators who made similar flights at that time were Otto Lilienthal, Percy Pilcher and Octave Chanute.

Sir George Cayley, inventor ofaerodynamics, and prototypes built and blew fixed wing aircraft since 1803 and managed to build a successful glider capable of carrying passengers in 1853, but because it had no engines could not beclassified plane.

The first plane itself was created by Clement Ader, on October 9, 1890 to take off and fly 50 m. with Éole. Then repeat the feat with Plane II flying 200 m in 1892 and the planeflies III in 1897 over a distance of 300 m. The flight was the first flight Éole propelled the history of mankind, and is considered the starting date for aviation in Europe

Brazilian Santos Dumont wasthe first man to take off on board a plane powered by an aircraft engine, some countries consider the Wright brothers as the first to accomplish this feat because of the takeoff made the December 17,1903, takeoff that lasted 12 seconds and which traveled about 36.5 meters. However, Santos Dumont was the first to deliver a preset circuit, under official supervision of specialists in the field,...
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