Generacion de electricidad utilizando calor residual abb

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ACS 1000i
Integrated Medium Voltage AC Drive

2 - ACS 1000i


ACS 1000i - Reliability runs in the family
A medium voltage AC drive that integrates an input transformer and input contactor, is the latest member of the ACS 1000 product family – one of the most successful variable speed drives in its class.

Integrated design combined with operational experience
For thoseapplications where a motor already exists, space is often limited. Using a drive cubicle which has the input transformer and input contactor already integrated, while maintaining the compact footprint of its predecessor, the ACS 1000i is an unbeatable solution. But it is not just existing installations that can benefit. New motor applications can also take advantage of the small size of the ACS 1000i alongwith a host of other world beating features including: • • • • • • Compatibility with new or existing equipment Simplified installation Motor and network friendliness Reliability Compact design Easy commissioning and maintenance

Key product features & benefits
• Integrated transformer and input contactor – compact design; reduced installation costs • On-board auxiliary power supply – noseparate auxiliary supply needed • Three cables in/three cables out – allows quick installation and commissioning • 24-pulse rectifier design – network friendly; compliant to all common standards for line harmonics • Built-in input surge protection – tolerant to network disturbances • Output sine filter – compatible with existing or new motors • Tested as an integrated system – minimizes on-sitestart-up time

Fields of Application
Industries Cement, Mining and Minerals Chemical, Oil and Gas Metals Pulp and Paper Power Generation Water and Waste Water Other Applications Applications Conveyors, crushers, mills, fans and pumps Pumps, compressors, extruders, mixers and blowers Fans and pumps Fans, pumps, LC refiners, vacuum pumps and chippers Fans, pumps, conveyors and coal mills Pumpapplications, fresh water and waste water Test stands and wind tunnels


ACS 1000i - 3

ACS 1000i – network and motor friendly …
ABB’s engineers have developed a combination of features that make the ACS 1000i the most motor and network friendly drive on the marketplace.

Network friendly
The ACS 1000i is equipped with a 24-pulse diode rectifier which meets the stringent requirements forcurrent and voltage harmonic distortion as defined by IEEE, IEC and EN. This eliminates the need for costly harmonics analysis or installation of network filters when applying a new drive.

Current Waveform

Current Waveform

Current Waveform

24-pulse rectifier

12-pulse rectifier

6-pulse rectifier

Different rectifier designs generate different line currents. A 24-pulse rectifier isthe superior way to minimize harmonics.

Output sine filter – perfect for standard motors and retrofit applications
Voltage reflections and common mode voltages, caused by any inverter topology, are a real concern for medium voltage motors. They cause excessive stress to a standard motor insulation and create harmful bearing currents, both with potentially disastrous consequences. Furthermore,the motor is subjected to additional harmonic heating generated by the inverter switching if no further precautions are taken. With an ACS 1000i, all these detrimental effects are totally eliminated by its unique output sine filter, being an integral part of the drive. The result is an excellent waveform of voltage and current, supplied to the motor.

• Compatibility with standardinduction motors without derating • Retrofitability with existing motors • Motor efficiency same as Direct-On-Line (DOL) operation • Reduced motor noise • Use of standard cables • No limitation of motor cable length

The ACS 1000i provides smooth and accurate motor control even at low speed and full torque (left diagram: 10 Hz, 100 % torque) throughout the full operating range of speed and load...
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