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Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, (born March 12, 1900, Tunja, Colom.—died Jan. 17, 1975, Bogotá), professional soldier and dictator of Colombia (1953–57)
After graduating from the Colombian Military Academyin 1920, Rojas Pinilla earned a civil engineering degree in the United States while on inactive military status (1924–33). He then rose rapidly in the army to the rank of lieutenant general,represented Colombia at several international conferences, and was a member of the Inter-American Defense Board (1951–52). He also played a role in suppressing the riots that followed the assassination of theleft-wing leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in April 1948.
In 1953, after four years of the brutal and authoritarian regime of President Laureano Gómez, the Colombian people welcomed the seizure of powerby Rojas Pinilla. He promised them peace, justice, and liberty. Instead, ruling by decree, he silenced the opposition press, made the secret police an ever-present institution, stirred up violenceagainst Protestant churches and schools, and embezzled government money to buy land for himself until conservatives and liberals jointly forced him into exile. Appointing a military junta to rule in hisplace, he left for the United States in May 1957.
When he returned to Colombia in October 1958, he was impeached, and in April 1959 he lost his civil rights. He nevertheless reentered politics and in1962 won 2.5 percent of the votes for president. Disillusionment with the lack of progress under National Front leadership and the disintegration of the left-wing faction of the Liberal Party madeRojas Pinilla’s Acción Nacional Popular (Anapo) the leading protest group of the lower classes. In 1967 a Colombian court ruled that he could not be deprived of his civil rights, and he ran again forpresident in 1970. He received almost as many votes as the National Front candidate, Misael Pastrana Borrero, but the supreme electoral court declared Pastrana Borrero the winner. Rojas Pinilla...
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