General roca in english

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General Roca

I am going to talk about General Roca . It is the city where I was born.
General Roca is located in Rio Negro province, in the patagonian region, which limits North with Neuquén, LaPampa and Buenos Aires; East with Buenos Aires and the waters of the sea; South with the Chubut province and West with Chile and Neuquén. The city has around 100.000 inhabitants. I want to tell youabout the landscape and the activities that you can do.

Protected Municipal Area Paso Córdoba

In 1908 Antonio Córdoba habilitated a bridge to join the two sides of Black River, that’s the reasonof the name of this step, which is 12 kilometers from General Roca . Here you can go camping, Fishing or you can just do a Barbecued in the middle of this beautiful landscape.

Valley of themoon

It is called the Valley of the moon, but for its color it should be called Valley of Mars. in General Roca's outskirts,18 kilometers from the centre is this very beautiful geological formationthat attracts thousands of visitors in all the seasons of the year. The Valley of the moon was declared Natural Area Protected in the year 1997, it is part of de big Bard, and for the erosion of thecenturies, the wind and the rain became a place of singular aspect. It is one of the biggest attractions of Roca, there people go to drink mate, to walk, to practice sports or artistic activities likepainting and Photography. It is composed of sedimentary rocks of different ages. If you see on the ground you can find snails, petrified wood and a lot of others curiosities that integrate thiswonderful patrimony.

Viewpoint three Crosses

It is a panoramic point where you can see the contrast between the valley, the Patagonian steppe, the river, General Roca city and the bards of the is an accessible place and is prepared naturally to fly and contemplate the valley, here parapente is practised, the site has the best height of the region and take advantage of the winds of...
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