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WASHINGTON D.C. (District of Columbia)
* Capital.
* Founded of July 16, 1790.
* Population: 600.000.
* There is the United States Congress.
NEW YORK(New York)
* Founded in 1624 with the name of New Amsterdam.
* Population: 8.500.000.
* Five boroughs : Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens y Staten Island.
* Statue of liberty.
LOSANGELES (California)
* In 1821 became part of Mexico after its independence from Spain, and later United States.
* Founded on September 4, 1781.
* Population: 4.000.000.

* U.S.A have50 states:
* 48 contiguous.
* The state of Alaska and Hawaii (archipelago).
* One Federal District: Washington.
* Insular areas in the Caribbean Sea (Antillas) and Pacific Ocean(Virgin Islands).

CHICAGO (Illinois)
* Founded in 1833 between the Mississippi river.
* Population: 3.000.000.
* In the Southwest of the Michigan lake.
*Founded on August 30, 1836.
* Population: 2.200.000.
* NASA´s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.
DETROIT (Michigan)
* Major port city of Michigan.
* Founded on August 1701.
*Population: 1.100.000.
* This city is known as “Motown” the motor city town.
LAS VEGAS (Nevada)
* The Entertainment Capital of the World.
* Founded on 1905.
* Population: 2.000.000.CLIMATE: USA is a big country. The climate varies considerably between different regions.
-NORTHWEST PACIFIC. Includes states like Oregon, Washington. Temperatures are mail. Fogs along the coast.-MIDWEST. Includes states like Minnesota, Indiana.
The region in moderately dry. Precipitation occurs mainly in late spring. Summer- excellent. Winter- cold.
-MID/SOUTH PACIFIC. Includesstates like Nevada, California, Idaho. California has excellent weather all the year round, but the northern part cooler. Other states, winter very cold.
-SOUTHWEST. Arizona, Texas. Hottest and...
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