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 1. Introduction:

1.1) What is UltraStar Deluxe? 1.2) Hardware-Check 1.3) Installing UltraStar Deluxe  2. Quick start:

2.1) Quick start guide: For those who don´t want to waste time…  3. Tools (Settings/Options):

3.1) Game 3.2) Graphics 3.3) Sound 3.4) Lyrics 3.5) Themes 3.6) Record 3.7) Advanced 3.8) Custom Settings  4. Single-/Multiplayer:

4.1) Set-up 4.2)Features / Functions 4.3) Party-Mode  5. Highscore:

5.1) Stats 5.2) Edit / Reset  6. Songs:

6.1) Adding / Removing Songs 6.2) Adding / Removing Backgrounds, Covers & Videos 6.3) UltraStar Deluxe Editor 6.4) Bug Fixing  7. Karaoke-Party:

7.1) Checklist – All what you need

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1.1 What is UltraStar Deluxe? UltraStar Deluxe is a free open-source karaoke software for Windowsthat can be compared with Singstar. The GUI is quite easy to handle and the gameplay offers you the same feeling as Singstar does. The advantage of UltraStar Deluxe is the management of songs. You can nearly add every song you want to sing alone or with one up to five friends. Just choose a song you want to sing and try to reach as much points as possible. You will get points when you hit notescorrect. As an aid, the lyrics of the song are shown at the bottom of your screen. Try as hard as you can to become an UltraStar. 1.2 Hardware-Check High system requirements are not necessary. You will already be able to play UltraStar Deluxe smoothly on a system with 1 Ghz and 256 MB RAM or higher. A graphic card with TV-Out or Dual DVI/VGA is required for multiplayer with more than three playerswith an additional display. The only thing you need separately is a microphone (either plug it into your soundcard or connect it via USB). In order to play UltraStar Deluxe with more than one player you need an adapter (Stereo on 2x Mono) or you realize further players with one/several USB soundcards or micros. Attention: UltraStar Deluxe Multiplayer with more than three players will officiallynot work with NVIDIA cards on Windows Vista because of the missing horizontal-span feature. Quote from “Horizontal and Vertical span modes are no longer available under Windows Vista. Due to architectural changes in the new Windows Vista Window Display Driver Model (WDDM), span mode cannot be supported in NVIDIA graphics drivers. “ 1.3 Installing UltraStar Deluxe Create a folder called“UltraStar Deluxe” somewhere you want. After you created the folder, download UltraStar Deluxe from Extract all files from the RAR-archive, e.g. with WinRAR / WinAce (or something similar), to your created folder. That´s it. 2.1 Quick start guide Plug in your microphone into the (pink) 3,5 mm port. Run “sndvol32.exe” (Under Vista: sndvol.exe) from your start menu. Make sure that youcan set the volume for sound inputs not outputs (Activate “Recording” in the options – settings menu). Set the volume of your microphone to 10-30% (try until you get the best results in UltraStar Deluxe) and press Advanced. There you check the box for microphone boost when “advanced options” is turned on in the options menu. If you want to use the microphones from Singstar just choose anothermixer (Singstar microphone is called USBMic Serial#) and do the same as explained above. Singstar microphones do not own a microphone boost but that does not matter. Now you are ready to play UltraStar Deluxe. Run “UltraStar.exe” from the directory, where you extracted the rar-archive. 3.1 Game Players: At the first item “Players”, you can set how many players want to play. You can play alone (setPlayers to 1) or with up to five friends (set Players to 6). There must be one microphone per player. Difficulty: Here you can set the range of tolerance from the original note to the note you sing. “Easy” allows five semitones difference between the original note and yours. “Medium” allows three semitones. “Hard” only allows one semitone, but keep in mind that the recognition of your vocals...
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