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NEWSLETTER 1 Dear friends and colleagues, The new academic year has begun and over here we are already into our fourth week with students, the amount of whichis sadly decreasing for the third consecutive year. However, we are very much looking forward to hosting the conference in June, which will be our third one after 1998 and 2004. In what follows, wehave listed the most important details so far. When 8th – 18th of June
We regret that we cannot set the day any later – the school will be completely empty of both students and staff. If an earlier spanof dates would suit all schools better, we might be flexible in that direction. If all groups arrive on the same day, we may be able to arrange joint travel arrangement to Ånge. The costs would thenbe shared proportionally between the contingents. We sincerely hope that all participants will be in Ånge in time for the official inauguration of the conference on the 9th, as local press anddignitaries will be attending.


The towns of Ånge and Torpshammar.
There may also be a visit to the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, but chances are they may have gone on summer holidays by then.If any group would like to make a stop in our lovely capital anyway, we can assist in hinting at what to see and finding reasonably cheap accommodation.


For info in English on Ånge, pleasevisit the following link:
We have to put the limit at that because we are a small school and a small community and finding accommodationmight prove impossible otherwise. There may also be 2 observing schools attending the conference, one from China and one from Colombia. These can send 2 staff and 2 students.

Numbers 2 staff and 8students per school.

Co-Ordinators No students co-ordinators in situ, but in contact via e-mail. Please let us know which students our co-ordinators should get in touch with. Accommodation Our...
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