Good Men

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“The Good man is the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, is moving to become better.”—John Dewey. The good man means a human that makes differences in the world ONLY for the reasonthat everyone has their own value. No one born been perfect, we born to make mistakes and learn from them no matter your morally or unworthy that you have been, that means that every single mistakethat we made, we are capable of move forward to become betters.
I’m a man and I accepted and recognize that my morally and unworthy is not the best and great in the universe, but I also know that Ihave my good inside. People think that just with see a man of his face, body, eyes that mean everything. I’m 20 year old I want to give and example of my family member. My father, he is the best andgood man. I proud of him, when I was little I lived in Mexico Chihuahua , my father immigrated to United States to find better job and give to my family and me better life, by the time I wanted to benext to him I was miles and miles far from him. He stared to move to find the way that how to bring us to United States no matter how unworthy he has been, he accomplished his goal. How he mad it? Whatmotivate him to made it? Why he made it? I know why, because he is a good man no matter what.

In addition, I really want to say thank to him. He is good by himself and with us. When a man hasthe authority of decided what you want to be is the man that wants to move to become better on his own life. My father showed my how to improve yourself and be capable to take your own decisions, butbeen a good man. He showed me with things that he already made, not with only words. When you are unworthy by yourself you aren’t confident at your own, you don’t have to give up if you have beenunworthy. I know people that are pride of their unworthy. They prefer keep been like that, than change their life’s and continues moving to become better.
In conclusion, I think that everyone has the...
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