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"Berkeley Expert Systems Technology (BEST) lab is an Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems and Information Technologies laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of California at Berkeley."

Demos - an eclectic mini-collection:

* Expert System demos from Acquired Intelligence, Inc.: 1) "The Whale Watcher expertsystem combines artificial intelligence, marine biology and web technology to produce an interactive system that helps you with whale identification." 2) "Douglas-Fir Cone and Seed Insects System ... is intended to assist seed orchard managers and cone and seed collectors, dealers and researchers in the identification of insects associated with Douglas fir cones." and 3) "The Graduate AdmissionsScreening System demonstrates the use of ACQUIRE¨ with an administrative screening task - the categorization of student applications for admission to graduate school."
* Knowledge Automation Expert System demos and case studies from Exsys.
* MedEthEx demo based on the paper: MedEthEx: A Prototype Medical Ethics Advisor. By Michael Anderson, Susan Leigh Anderson, and Chris Armen. InProceedings of the Eighteenth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference, July 16 – 20 2006. Menlo Park, Calif.: AAAI Press.
* Medical Expert System demos from EasyDiagnosis assist with the diagnosis of Constipation and Depression.
* OSHA Expert Systems.

wedding invitation

* The Wedding Planner. From Organizers for Us. "Not every part of The Wedding Planner forUs is a virtuoso demonstration of artificial intelligence (like we use for the envelope text and etiquette rules) or statistical analysis (like we use for projecting your attendance). After all, if you're writing thank-you notes, all you really need is a list of who gave you what, so you can check off which gifts you've sent thank-yous for ... and that's exactly what we give you. For every area ofyour wedding planning where we think that software can help you (not just give you busy work), we provide you with the tools you need to get the job done, as quickly and simply as possible."

* Also see their press release: Artificial Intelligence Meets Ancient Ritual in New Wedding Planning Software (September 23, 2004 / available from PR Web). "Organizers for Us ... is now releasing aproduct that uses advanced artificial intelligence to allow their software to understand ­ of all things ­etiquette for weddings! 'It might seem strange to use these super-advanced techniques to produce software that can think like an old-fashioned lady from your local church, but we think our customers are going to love it,' says company president Stacy Smyth. 'After all, why has tax preparationsoftware become so popular? Because taxes involve a bunch of complicated rules that everybody wants to get right, but very few people want to learn. For a lot of our customers, the formal etiquette used to word invitations, address envelopes, and all the rest of the process is very much the same way.' The program uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) for a lot of different aspects of etiquette, butone of the best examples is the 'expert system' that automatically creates the wording for invitations. The wedding planning software asks the user questions about their wedding plans, and then, based on the specific situation (A couple hosting their own wedding, which will be outside, at the residence of a friend, at a particular time, etc.) the software use the classic, formal rules ofetiquette to produce invitation wording which takes into account all of the factors, and is still elegant and proper."

Expert System Projects from AIAI, the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics. Projects include: Formation - "A knowledge-based document layout system now in use in the production of the British Telecom Yellow Pages," and...
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