Great expectations

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Charles Dickens

This book is about a child that his name is pip, but it has something to do with his name and his name is Felipe, he is an orphan and it takes the family of a blacksmith, the lives so many things and situations that they do learn to be better person and discover the meaning of words like love, is also happiness. One day that are in the cemetery where herparents arrived with a man who went to jail uniform, afraid to pip him and the man said that if he wants to go home and bring you food, pip has a very difficult , and find support for their problems joe is like a father to the, pip him a meat pie that robs your house to give it to the man from jail, joe a day is very night and told to go home pip of a lady, do not understand very well that if youwork or at the time when it is said, the next day is the morning and realizes that it is a house they never enters the light, there he met a girl, a star and falls in love with it. pip feel insulted for one reason, and then begins to change, continues to visit the lady of the house and the star for a long time and learn more of his life so strange, the start to imagine how more serious if we did butrich gentleman and beyond awakes from his dream when mrs. havisham said that when he began his work and pip joe gets 25 pounds for his service and says goodbye, in the book begins to count the child who feels ashamed of his home, his work and said that the desire has to be a gentleman, he begins to enjoy the lifestyle they knew in that house and try to be part in that environment. joe foundseriously wounded, inconsiente and extensive damage in the brain, it is not known who was the aggressor, then a friend called pip Biddy are going to live there to help care for mr. joe. the years go by and one day pip joe sits with them about a man who recognized by its smell of soap, then remembers that it ever saw Miss havisham home and informs you that you will give a money monthly, not knowing whoit is because the benefactor wants to be anonymous, then it remains a mystery. Pip and has everything you dreamed of but it feels very lonely in spite of that, the visit to havisham lady and she gives advice, starts to suspect that she is giving the money, that miteriosa benefactor. pip moves to London and lived there for five years, there meets a young woman who soon becomes one of his bestfriends and discovers that Miss Havisham adopted Estella, the two fall in love with her. pip travels to see Miss havisham Estella and find that many changes, he spoke with his voice now a young man changed, not the place batante notes, look at the face of it that reminds someone pip leaves much to walk and enjoy remembering and because it enjoys the admiration of their neighbors waiting. Then discoversthat Drummle begins to woo a star, and spend years Pip still living the same life wasted a rich young man in the city, a night when pip his birthday number 24 an old man of sixty years up to the door in the middle of a major storm, pip it does happen and it comes very discourteous, then begin to realize that talking is the man who one day food in the cemetery and said that he is the benefactor,who since pip day that made the act of feeding itself will swear that every penny earned Iria Direct pip. Man tells pip that has made all the pip as a gentleman and that is disappointing because I thought that was the benefactor havishman lady, the man says to pip you are looking for and there is order to execute and should hide or flee England pip is annoying but also aims to protect. pip finallydecides to confess her love to tell Estella but she says she is committed to drummle and will soon be married. It involves a lot with all these characters and to investigate about things hidden, but rather that it was not secret, but in the background and is only supported says to others, and pip magwitch find they have to escape rowing morning start but soon they are involved in a steam boat,...
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