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Comprehension Test
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde
1 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
a Dorian Gray was twenty years old at the beginning of the story.
b He was thirty-eight at the end.
c Lord Henry and Dorian were friends right up to the time of Dorian’s death.
d Lord Henry was the same age as Dorian.
e Dorian’s father was a poorsoldier.
F Sybil Vane was not very beautiful.
g James Vane was worried about his sister before he left home.
h Basil Hallward didn’t care about Dorian after he had painted his picture.
i Dorian killed James Vane.
j Dorian was not sorry about anything he had done before he died.
30 marks

2 Mark the right answer. There is only one correct answer.
1Where did Lord Henry first meet Dorian?
a At a dinner party.
b At Basil Hallward’s house.
c At the theatre.
2 What happened to Dorian’s mother?
a She ran away from home after he was born.
b She was murdered.
c She died soon after Dorian was born.
3 Where did Dorian first see Sybil?
a At a dinner party.
b In a play hewas watching.
c On the steps of a theatre.
4 After a few years, Dorian no longer travelled outside England. Why?
a He was afraid that someone would kill him.
b He was afraid that someone would see the picture.
c He had spent nearly all his money.
5 After he had murdered Basil, Dorian went to find opium. Why?
a For pleasure.
b To forgetwhat had happened.
c To kill himself.
25 marks

3 Match a word from A with a definition from B.
1 Art
2 Ugly
3 Pleasure
4 Portrait
5 Soul
a The part of a person that is not the body
b The feeling of being happy and doing things that you like
c A painting or picture of a person
d Making beautiful things, and paintings
e Not beautiful
25 marks

4 Fill in the gaps using: exhibit, influence, paint, sit, stare. Careful: sometimes you need to change the form of a word.
a ‘It’s your best work, Basil, the best portrait that you’ve ever ................ .’
b ‘I can’t ............... the picture in an art gallery. I’ve put too much of myself into it.’
c ‘Don’t change him. Don’ttry to ............... him.’
d ‘He ............... at Lord Henry with wild eyes.’
e ‘Will you come and ............... for another portrait soon?’
20 marks

Total marks

Multiple-choice Test
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde

Choose the best answer.
1 Lord Henry and Basil Hallward were _____.
a [ ] brothers b [ ] father and son c [ ] cousinsd [ ] friends
2 Lord Henry lived in _____.
a [ ] London b [ ] Oxford c [ ] Paris d [ ] Rome
3 Basil Hallward was _____.
a [ ] a teacher b [ ] a Lord c [ ] an artist d [ ] a servant
4 Basil met Dorian Gray at _____ house.
a [ ] Lord Henry’s b [ ] Lady Agatha’s
c [ ] Lady Brandon’s d [ ] Sybil Vane’s
5 Basil thought Dorian’s beautifulface would bring him _____.
a [ ] pleasure and evil b [ ] evil and horror
c [ ] trouble and pleasure d [ ] danger and trouble
6 Basil felt Dorian could _____.
a [ ] help him paint b [ ] change his life
c [ ] help him be an actor d [ ] learn to paint
7 Basil said that the portrait showed the secret of _____.
a [ ] his life b [ ] his heart c [] his art d [ ] his work
8 Dorian thought that Lord Henry had a _____ voice.
a [ ] loud b [ ] quiet c [ ] beautiful d [ ] soft
9 Lord Henry thought that there was nothing in the world as important as _____.
a [ ] youth b [ ] pleasure c [ ] life d [ ] evil
10 Lord Henry was _____ Dorian.
a [ ] ten years younger than b [ ] the same age as...
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