Guerra Mundial

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English Department.
Teacher: Miss Cecilia Barja J.

1. Choose the correct alternative for the sentences with the first conditional.

I.Johana is such a hard-working student. If she studies hard, she...
a) will to pass all her school exams.
b) will passed all her school exams.
c) will pass all her school exams.II. If Jane passes her exams, her mother...
a) won't be happy.
b) will be happy.
c) will to be happy.

III. If it rains tomorrow morning, we...
a) will to take our umbrellas.b) won't take our umbrellas.
c) will take our umbrellas.

IV. If you eat too much junk food, you ...
a) will become thinner.
b) will become fatter.
c) will to becomefatter

V. If you don't finish your homework, your teacher...
a) won't be happy.
b) will be happy.
c) will to be angry.

VI. I'll come to the cinema,..
a) after I finish myhomework.
b) when I'm finishing my homework.
c) after I don't finish my homework.

VII. Kisi won't come to the party, ...
a) if you invite him.
b) if you don't invite him.c) if you to invite him.

2. Make sentences following the structure of the Conditional Zero.

For example:
(not / rain / the flowers / die) If it doesn’train, the flowers die.

a) (I / wake up late / I / be late for work)

b) (my husband / cook / he / burn the food)___________________________________________________________________

c) (Julie / not wear a hat / she / get sunstroke)
___________________________________________________________________d) (children / not eat well / they / not be healthy)

e) (you / mix water and electricity / you / get a shock)...
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