Guia de historia de mexico

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My name is Jeraldi Rosas Lopez was born on August 29, 1994. My parents are Sofia Lopez Ocampo and Sergio Rosas Zamora; they studied the career degree in Communication Sciences. Theymarried in 1992 and I had my 2 years later.
In my first months I was diagnosed with spinal column so I had to submit to various treatments to straighten it.
After 3 years I took different psychomotortherapy to learn to walk, run and have more control over my body, so my mom had to get out of work.
At age 5 enter the preschool where I learned to write and speak. During that time I take a tastefor music and the arts, so my mom showed me some music and chants shouted.
When you enter elementary school, I was a very quiet and secluded, this was because as it was not good at sports myclassmates were teasing me. Later I turned 7 years old and 29 August (right on my birthday) I asked my mom to let me take the exam for the school choir, she agreed, but told me that if I was not mediscouraged. That day I was leaving school this with the music teacher and I did the test song, and I stayed in the choir.
And so every day out of school I was at choir rehearsal, then I made good friends, Ihelped increase ratings, and also improve in sports.
For when you enter fifth grade, my mother and aunt told me to do the test to enter the National Music and did I take the exam and this is me.
Studythere for 3 years and in eighth grade I decided to quit for testing in sports, so I was on the basketball team of the school, after playing soccer and swimming last tried.
In each of thesedisciplines stand out, especially in swimming, because although he had never taken swimming lessons learned after 2 years of age in the sea of Veracruz, where my grandparents live.
In the first year ofsecondary school enter a course to prepare for the exam for the UNAM.
I will present my review by 21 June at 5 hours, and although I was dying of nerves knew I had to pass the exam.
And a month later to...
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