English conversation

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Y: Sorry to bother you, i`m a tourist! i would like to visit famous places
    would you mind helping me, please?

C: Yes, don`tworry. actually I`m a tour guide.
    I’ve been looking for you!! Are you Yanira Polanco?

Y: Yes, i am. How do you know me?

C: Because i was hired in order to be your personal tour guide.
     By the way, let me introduce myself, i`m carmen cordova. it`s nice to meetyou

Y: OH! IT`S NICE TO MEET YOU TOO .So, where am i going to stay?

C: Well, what i have  in mind is a luxury hotel
    butit’s up to you! Do you want an afforable place or another one?

Y: I prefer an affordable place, you know, i don`t have enough money,just a normal room!

C: GREAT, Milan hotel is not only affordable place but also a spotless one! Do you agree?

Y: it`s perfect. well,let`s go!
( in the hotel)

Y: "cellphone" : hi honey! how are you doing?
   oh , sorry but i think few hours from now, i will havevisited some places but, how about on friday?
   i gotta go, i`m very sleepy , i will call you back in a couple of hours, take care bye!C:  Today we are gonna start visiting Pissa tower!

Y: Yes! but i`ve been thinking about going to a different place.

C: Where wouldyou like to go?

Y:  Let`s go to Venecia. I’ve heard it`s a beautiful and amazing place!!!!!

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