Guide for applicants coordination and support action

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Annexes, specific to call: Call identifier FP7-KBBE-2012-6-singlestage

This part of the guide contains the annexes for the specific call and funding scheme shown above. It should be read in conjunction with the common part of the guide, published as a separate document, which contains the general information for applyingto FP7 under this funding scheme.



Theme: Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology

Guide for Applicants: Coordination and support action (Coordinating)

Annex 1:
Timetable and specific information for this call
The work programme provides the essential information for submitting a proposal to this call. It describes the content of thetopics to be addressed, and details on how it will be implemented. The work programme is available on the CORDIS and Participant Portal call pages. The part giving the basic data on implementation (deadline, budget, additional conditions etc) is also posted as a separate document ("call fiche"). You must consult these documents.

Indicative timetable for this call Publication of call Deadlinefor submission of proposals Evaluation of proposals Evaluation Summary Reports sent to proposal coordinators ("initial information letter") Invitation letter to successful coordinators to launch grant agreement negotiations with Commission services Letter to unsuccessful applicants Signature of first grant agreements 20 July 2011 15 November 2011, 17:00, Brussels local time December 2011-January2012 mid February 2012 mid February 2012

mid March 2012 From June 2012

• •

Information on 2012 budget: EUR 304,57m Further information and help

The Participant Portal and CORDIS call pages contain links to other sources that you may find useful in preparing and submitting your proposal. Direct links are also given where applicable.



Theme: Food, Agriculture, Fisheriesand Biotechnology

Guide for Applicants: Coordination and support action (Coordinating)

Call information
CORDIS call page and work programme Participant Portal Self-Evaluation forms Information Days related to this call 15 July 2011, Charlemagne Conference Centre 170 Rue de la Loi (Wetstraat), Brussels, (select tab "FP7 calls")

General sources of help:
The Commission's FP7 Enquiry service National Contact Points National Contact Points in third countries

Contact person (optional):
A list of contact detailsof Commission officers can be found on a separate document on the call page.

Specialised and technical assistance:
eFP7 Service Desk CORDIS help desk EPSS Help desk IPR help desk Ethics help desk support@epss-fp7.org

You may also wish to consult the following documents that can be found at

FP7 Legal basis documents generally applicable
• • • • Decision on the Framework Programme Rules for Participation Specific Programmes Work Programmes

Legal documents for implementation
• • • Rules forsubmission, evaluation, selection, award Standard model grant agreement Rules on verification of existence, legal status, operational and financial capacity



Theme: Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology

Guide for Applicants: Coordination and support action (Coordinating)

Guidance documents
• • • • Guidance Notes on Audit Certification...
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