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These guidelines were prepared and updated by the Library Faculty Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee with guidance from the Library Faculty in an effort to assist faculty members in compiling documentation for their personnel files and their reappointment/promotionpackets. It should be noted that the information presented is intended to provide guidance and is not intended to be all inclusive. Faculty members are advised to discuss these guidelines with their Unit Director/AUL and other senior colleagues when applying them to their particular positions. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions forUniversity Library Faculty, issued annually by the University Administration. It is recommended that candidates collect documentation as it is created and that faculty members select representative documentation judiciously when preparing their reappointment/promotion packets. This document is reviewed as needed, by the Library Faculty Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee, the AdvisoryCommittee on Appointments and Promotions and others responsible for faculty personnel actions. Librarianship Faculty members with appointments as librarians are required to concentrate their primary efforts on achievements, as appropriate to their appointments, in one or more of the major areas of the library profession: collection development, technical and automated services, and user services.Activities that demonstrate accomplishments in the principal areas of responsibility may include any in a wide spectrum. Examples of activities within all three areas are: Effective leadership and management of library operations and personnel Development and implementation of new and revised policies and procedures for information access and control, collection development and collectionmanagement, and services to meet user needs and the libraries= priorities Increasing the use of appropriate technologies in library operations and services. Examples of activities within the area of collection development are: Development of effective communications with teaching and research departments, institutes and centers to coordinate development of the collections with curriculum and researchpriorities


Development of subject specific bibliographies and/or web-based research guides Selection of materials in specified subject areas and/or formats Evaluation and assessment of specified areas of the collection to determine collection strengths and weaknesses and preservation needs

Examples of activities within the area of technical and automated services are: Coordination of theacquisition of library materials and information resources Original cataloging of materials in specified subject areas and/or formats Initiation, development and implementation of innovative, efficient and costeffective processes and/or technology to enhance user access to information

Examples of activities within the area of user services are: Bibliographic instruction through formal andinformal courses, seminars or orientation sessions in library research methods. Includes initiatives for integration with distance learning Collaboration with researchers on all levels Collaboration with teaching faculty in developing innovative information delivery techniques Developing user skills in information literacy and research methods Effective provision of general and specialized referenceservice and consultation

Examples of documentation for librarianship include: Peer/user letters solicited by Unit Director or AUL Acknowledgments and evaluations from library users within the university community and others Acknowledgments in published works


Internal reports, lectures and programs reflecting current trends which enable the libraries to provide excellence to the academic...
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