Guion De Radio En Ingles

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*LOCUTORES: 1) Abigail (Karl)
2) Katherinne (Hanna)
3) Diego (Justin)

*ENTREVISTADOS(Directores) : 1) Carola (Taylor) – UCM2) Roberto (George) – UST

Y AUSPICIADORES: 1) Paola (Rouse)- Llamado 1, Lays.2) Cristián (Williams)- Llamado 2,Cocacola.


• HANNAH: -Good afternoon beloved listeners, we welcome you all to a new day onJuventud Radio.

• JUSTIN: -For today we have an endless amount of new things you can not miss.

• KARL: -That’s right Justin, in the program today we have the best songs from the JonasBrothers, Justin Bieber, and much more. We will also be with our guests today to talk to us about an interesting topic; how to choose a college degree.

• JUSTIN: -Exactally Karl, but it notonly is the career the point of our interview, but make a comparison of the same career, but in a state university, and a private.

• HANNAH: -Great beloved friends, to start a word fromour sponsors…

• WILLIAMS: -When we talk about how to refresh, we talk about “Coca Cola.” Remember that if you’re bored, feel sad, are tired, or your mouth wants something to drink, but notjust any drink; something that’s delicious, that takes your thirst, that fills you with happiness. When you’re desperate looking for this drink, just remember to fill your bag with yourfavorite soda “Coca Cola.” Try the new individual “light” version.
****sonido de coca-cola****

• JUSTIN: -Now, sing along to _____________________from The Jonas Brothers.

• KARL: -We thank you with all our heart to all the people who send us greetings through Facebook.
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