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Gus G. FIRE™ Blackouts System
Congratulations on your purchase of the Gus G. FIRE™ Blackouts System. By combining a pair of passive humbuckers with a high-output, low-noise Blackouts™ active preamp,this system blends the rich tone and expressive character of traditional pickups with the power and punch of Blackouts™. It’s the most organicsounding active pickup set you’ve ever heard.

WiringDiagram for:
AHB-11S Gus G. FIRE™ Blackouts System
5427 Hollister Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93111 • (805) 964-9610

The Solderless Connector Stations
The System’s preamp has twoeasy-to-use solderless wiring connectors: the ten-station Pickup Connector and the eight-station Output Connector. The Pickup Connector is where you’ll insert the bare-wire pickup leads from yourpassive pickups. Just match the wire colors of the pickups’ wires as indicated in these diagrams. The Output Connector is where the preamp connects to the rest of your guitar’s controls. Output 1 and Output2 are the hot outputs for your bridge and neck pickups, respectively. The +9V station is where you’ll connect the red wire from the battery clip. Connecting wires to the stations is simple: Justinsert the bare wire into the station and tighten the screw to lock it into place.

The Pickup Connector and Output Connector

Installing the Preamp
1. Draw a diagram of your guitar’s wiring forreference. 2a. If you’re migrating from a passivepickup setup, remove your output jack and all of the volume and tone potentiometers from your guitar. You’ll be replacing the jack with the included stereooutput jack and replacing your potentiometers with the 25K pots included in this package. 2b. If your guitar already has an active system, remove the battery. Clip and strip the end of the batteryclip’s red wire, leaving as much wire length extending from the battery clip as possible. Do the same for any output or ground wire that was previously connected to the potentiometer that the new...
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