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Sewage Treatment Plant
Super Trident STA-C series and ST-C series

Water Systems

STA-C Series

Super Trident sewage treatment plant
The efficient, hygienic end to waste
Hamworthy is theworld´s leading manufacturer of marine sewage treatment plant. For over three decades Super Trident sewage treatment plant have been widely regarded as standard specification on all vessels. Plantinstalled on existing ships on or after 1 January 2010 and on new ships whose keels are laid on or after this date must meet the new IMO MEPC 159(55) guidelines, which are more stringent than thelongstanding IMO MEPC 2(VI) guidelines. The STA-C and ST-C series of Hamworthy plant is certified to meet IMO MEPC 159(55). An STA-C or ST-C unit is fully compatible with gravity and vacuum collection systems,and uses the activated sludge system, which accelerates natural biological processes. Chemical disinfection and dechlorination are employed to produce a clean, safe, effluent suitable for dischargingat sea. To enable ships to continue discharging black and grey water in especially sensitive waters, where regulations demand tighter controls, Hamworthy have developed a range of MBR (MembraneBioreactor) plants. Please refer to your local Hamworthy representative for details on the latest developments in wastewater technology. Leaders in marine sewage treatment The product of many years’experience in the design and manufacture of marine sanitation devices.

High efficiency Utilises the extended aeration process - highly developed for marine application.

Automatic control Unattendedoperation, minimum maintenance.

Compact design Compact modular construction, suitable for between deck installation.

Safe operation Unaffected by ship’s motion.

Flexible operation Suitable foruse with conventional gravity and vacuum sewage collection systems.

ST-C Series

Features 1. Raw sewage inlets 2. Returned activated sludge (R.A.S.) calibration point 3. Visual indication pipe...
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