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The first conditional
We use the First Conditional to talk about future events that are likely to happen.
* If we take John, he'll be really pleased.
* If you give me some money, I'll payyou back tomorrow.
* If they tell us they want it, we'll have to give it to them.
* If Mary comes, she'll want to drive.
The 'if' clause can be used with different present forms.
* If I goto New York again, I'll buy you a souvenir from the Empire State Building.
* If he's feeling better, he'll come.
* If she hasn't heard the bad news yet, I'll tell her.
The "future clause" cancontain 'going to' or the future perfect as well as 'will'.
* If I see him, I'm going to tell him exactly how angry I am.
* If we don't get the contract, we'll have wasted a lot of time andmoney.
The "future clause" can also contain other modal verbs such as 'can' and 'must'.
* If you go to New York, you must have the cheesecake in Lindy's.
* If he comes, you can get a lift homewith him.

There are several modal verbs used to show possibility.  They 
are Might, May, Could, and Must.  All of these are different 
ways to say maybe.


Modal Verb  +  Base VerbExamples:

* I may eat dinner at 7:00pm.
* She might work late tonight.
* They must be tired.


May shows possibility in the present or the future.

Present:        Whereare my keys?  They may be in the car.
Future:          I may go to the party tonight.

May is formal and is often found in writing.

* Side effects of this medication may include an upset stomach or fever.


Might shows possibility in the present or future.

* Where are my keys?  They might be in the car.
* I might go to the party tonight.

Might is less formalthan may, and is more common in 


Could shows that something is possible in the present or 

Present:        Where are my keys?  They could be in the car.
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