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Heineken N.V.-Global Branding and Advertising

• Clarify Heineken’s Brand Identity
– Brand image- user perceptions – Brand Elements- Identifiers and Differentiators

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Whatwould be the implications of Heineken’s brand identity for television advertising? Heineken’s brand image not consistently communicated around the world Project Comet and Project Mosa- Were conclusionsof the two studies consistent? Should Heineken’s Brand image and advertising be standardized worldwide?

Project Comet
• • • Aim- Enhance Heineken’s competitive advantage by projecting the brandas “the world’s leading premium beer” Project Comet based on the theory that Heineken’s desired brand image was “good taste” “Good taste” image built on following 5 brand values
– – – – – TastePremium-ness Friendship Tradition Winning spirit

Commercials emphasized more on “visual appeal” like voice-tone and lighting than themes

Project Mosa
• Focus groups formed to research on –Opinion of male beer drinkers on relation between “Taste” and “Friendship” with premium-beer drinking – Which expressions of taste and friendship should be used for advertising? • Expressions of taste,which appealed to the head – Brand Vision – Quality – Brewing skills – Tradition – Availability Expressions of friendship, which appealed to the heart – Trust – Sports – True friends – You can count ofHeineken as a friend – Respect

• Brand elements identified were similar
– Taste – Friendship

• “Comet” focussed only on “visual” appeal • “Mosa” was more objective anddetailed in its findings. Hence, more helpful in framing advertising strategies.

What we think…
• Global brand – relevant meaning and experience to multiple societies • Customer brand perceptions maydiffer across the world. So, to maintain homogeneity, identifying the “right” brand elements very important. • Clearly determine market segment – Standalone Premium segment or – Both regular/premium...
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