Hells Kitchen

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Roasting in Hells Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

Raw And Honest

Everyone thinks they know the real Gordon Ramsay: rude, loud, pathologically driven, stubborn as hell. For the first time, Ramsay tellsthe full inside story of his life and how he became the worlds most famous and infamous chef: his difficult childhood, his brothers heroin addiction, his failed first career as a soccer player, hisfanatical pursuit of gastronomic perfection and his TV persona all of the things that made him the celebrated culinary talent and media powerhouse that he is today. In Roasting in Hells Kitchen, Ramsaytalks frankly about his tough and emotional childhood, including his fathers alcoholism and violence and their effect on his relationships with his mother and siblings. His rootless upbringing sawhim moving from house to house and town to town followed by the authorities and debtors as his father lurched from one failed job to another. He recounts his short-circuited career as a soccer player,when he was signed by Scotlands premier club at the age of fifteen but then, just two years later, dropped out when injury dashed his hopes.

Ramsay searched for another vocation and, much to hisfathers disgust, went into catering, which his father felt was meant for poofs. He trained under some of the most famous and talented chefs in Europe, working to exacting standards and under extremeconditions that would sometimes erupt in physical violence. But he thrived, with his exquisite palate, incredible vision and relentless work ethic. Dish by dish, restaurant by restaurant, he graduallybuilt a Michelin-starred empire. A candid, eyeopening look into the extraordinary life and mind of an elite and unique restaurateur and chef, Roasting in Hells Kitchen will change your perception notonly of Gordon Ramsay but of the world of cuisine.

Personal Review: Roasting in Hells Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay
Ever since I discovered "Kitchen Nightmares", I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay. I've...
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