Herbal Medicine/Medicina Herbaria

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Herbal medicine
The medicinal value of plants has long been recognized in many different countries.
Medicinal plants are either eaten, made into drinks or used to make ointments and lotions.Avocado
Avocado seeds are used by the people of the Ecuadorian amazon to eat snake bites.
Avocado seeds are grated and mixed with strong alcohol.
it is necessary to drink one glass of the medicineimmediately after being bitten and another 4 hours later until the patient can reach a hospital.
The bark of the cacao tree is used in the jungle to heal scars. The green fruit is picked and gratedto produce a sticky liquid. This liquid is applied to the cut or scar and left until it comes off by self. During this treatment, it is important not to eat hot chili.
Camomile flowers,stalks and leaves are boiled with water. The liquid is then sieved and drunk to cure stomach ache.
Dragon´s blood
Dragon´s blood comes from one species of eucalyptus tree. This liquid is used for avariety of medicinal purposes. In particular it can help to prevent tooth decay. The latex is extracted from the trunk of the tree and kept in a glass jar. 5 drops should be used as toothpaste once aweek.
Papaya seeds
Papaya seeds are well known as a cure for parasites. Herbalists make a syrup by boiling the ground seeds in water and adding a little honey.
Bracken grows in differentclimates, especially where there is a lot of rain. It produces a substance which heals wounds.

Medicina herbaria
el valor medicinal de las plantas ha sido reconocido en muchos países diferentes.Plantas medicinales se comen, hecho en bebidas o se utiliza para hacer ungüentos y lociones.
semillas de aguacate son utilizados por la gente de la Amazonía ecuatoriana a comer las mordedurasde serpientes.
Semillas de aguacate se rallan y se mezclan con alcohol fuerte.
Es necesario tomar un vaso del medicamento inmediatamente después de la picadura y otras 4 horas más tarde hasta que...
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