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Product handbook Parting off

_Walter Cut

Parting off experts

Parting off


Walter Cut parting off range
2 4 Tiger·tec® grades Walter Cut tools


Walter Cut tools for parting off
8 10 14 16 System overview Tools up to 32 mm parting off diameter Tools up to 42 mm parting off diameter Tools up to 160 mm parting off diameter

14 Geometries
19 GX geometries 24 FXgeometries

24 Technical information
28 30 32 38 39 40 41 Grade application chart Cutting data User guide Fault analysis Wear analysis Hardness comparison table Calculation formulas

Walter Cut: Tiger·tec® cutting materials for grooving and parting off

Completely innovative coatings and geometries achieve peak performances when grooving and parting off. With this innovative development, itis possible for the first time to apply an aluminium oxide coating in a PVD process to carbide indexable inserts.

Tiger·tec® for Walter Cut

This PVD Tiger offers a previously unknown degree of toughness and wear resistance – which is particularly important in parting off. In addition to this patented PVD Tiger·tec® coating and the proven CVD Tiger·tec® coating, there is a completeTiger·tec® cutting tool material package available for the Walter Cut parting off system.


ThE APPlICATION – for grooving and parting off – from unfavourable to stable conditions – the Walter Tiger·tec® cutting materials cover the complete range of grooving

ThE INSERT GRADES WSP43 – Tiger·tec® PVD Al2O3 – maximum toughness and process reliability for difficult to machine materials, steel andstainless steel – the cutting material for unfavourable conditions, e.g., heavily interrupted cuts, very unstable clamping, unstable machines and low cutting speeds WSM33 – Tiger·tec® PVD Al2O3 – maximum resistance to wear and temperature for difficult to machine materials including heat resistant alloys, steel and stainless steel – the universal cutting material covers the majority of all applicationsWPP23 – Tiger·tec® CVD – maximum hot hardness and wear resistance for steel – for use in stable conditions in conjunction with high cutting speeds

YOuR ADVANTAGES – high productivity due to a reliable machining process – high temperature resistance in conjunctions with high toughness – especially when parting off to centre – high cutting edge stability due to low coating temperature and at thesame time offering high wear resistance – smooth surface to reduce built-up cutting edges

Wear resistance

PVD Al203
Traditional PVD cutting materials


Walter Cut – Parting off


Walter Cut XlDE The little guy who packs quite a punch

Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials

Locking screw inclined: 20° in axial direction 20° in radial direction Stable supportface

Walter Cut monoblock toolholder XlDE

ThE TOOl – Walter Cut monoblock tools have been specially designed for parting off – locking screw with double inclination of 20° in axial and radial directions – for 2-edge GX16 grooving inserts – insert widths: 2, 2.5, 3 mm – shank sizes: 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 20x 20 mm

ThE APPlICATION – parting off of diameters up to 32 mm – can be used onall types of lathes, in particular • automatic lathes • Swiss type machines • multi-spindle machines • lathes with bar feed – ideally suited for small parts production and the décolletage industry, as well as for general mechanical engineering







Edges can be changed without removing the tool from machines with linear unitsParting off of pistons [HS6–5–2 (1.3343), ISO P] Tool: XLDE R 1212K–GX16–1 Grooving insert: GX16-1E200 N020-CF6 Insert grade: WSP 43 Machine: Star SB16 Comparison of number of components

CuTTING DATA vc 85 m/min f 0.06 mm s 2 mm T 5 mm

Competition Walter
500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500

+ 25%



Walter Cut – Parting off


Walter Cut G1011: One...
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