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....The form of magic that I shall discuss is the notion that there is a way of having a power over nature which simply depends on hitting the right key. If you say "open sesame" then nature will open for you; if you are an expert then nature will open for you; if you are a specialist of some kind or if you are remote, if you are esoteric, if you are an initiate there is some way of getting intonature which is not accessible to other people.
In an earlier article published in French we saw how the creed in the benevolent power of the State shared the nature of the superstition by which some people expect miracles from some divinity in exchange for humiliations.
The principle of black magic is: to expect miracles, happiness, success, redemption from failures, etc., from external andsuperior entities that feed from the humiliation of those who voluntarily make sacrifices to them and who reduce unbelievers to subjection, from spirits that rejoice from one's destruction of oneself and other people, from gods that demand one's contempt for oneself and other people, from supernatural beings with unlimited powers and arbitrary desires that are not bound by any law knowable by reasonbut are meant to be influenced by a show of feelings from their humiliated followers. In short, this black magic consists in the irresponsible tying of one's hope of future satisfactions to the whim of external and superior intervening powers.
Now, divinities that could be corrupted by such sacrifices do not deserve being sacrificed anything whatsoever. They are abject beings against which anyself-respecting human being can but revolt. Those that grovel at the feet of such divinities are slaves, swine, creatures lacking the dignity of their own free will, and who are prompt to forsake it indeed.
But such is not the only way magic can be conceived. There is another magic, white magic. Its principle is: work and strive to earn as a reward each and every blessing that one enjoys. In asmuch as this attitude can be explained in terms of divinities, these divinities are bound by knowable laws, and it is through from respect of these laws rather than from their whims that one seeks to obtain blessings, through hard work. In a certain way, these divinities are not supernatural beings existing above nature and free from its laws — they are the laws of nature themselves and natureitself. They do not demand adoration and submission but understanding and acceptance. They are satisfied not by the abjection of worshippers but by the raise in dignity and talent of their observers. They reward not the scared humiliation of submissive humans, but the respectful mastership of proud humans. They do not promise to believers the future grant of surreal relishes but invite the wise toreevaluate their present desires considering the constraints of reality.
These divinities are untouchable but well-meaning; they have no superiority complex, and do not demand a extensive display of groveling submission through an uninterrupted sequence of sacrifices. They offer us a non-hierarchical relationship between equals, or rather, between unequal, where matters not the appearance ofperiodical external shows, but the depth of a permanent internal discipline over oneself, a discipline that aims not toward debasing oneself to submit to the gods, but toward enhancing oneself to master them.
Prayer in black magic is passivity and destruction, in an attitude of humiliation and worship. Prayer in white magic is work and creation, in an attitude of determination and respect. The disciple ofblack magic does evil with the hope that some good will emerge out of it through a miraculous violation of the laws of nature. The disciple of white magic does good by consenting to an effort appraised as the least evil according to the laws of nature. Priests of black magic invoke authority as the source of knowledge, and claim that the ways of their gods are unfathomable to anyone but them....
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