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Copa America 2011 will be the forty-third edition of the Copa America and will be held in Argentina. This was agreed following the decision of the Conmebol to initiate a new cycle of thesystem to decide the venues rotating among countries sudamericanos.1This decision was confirmed on 24 November 2008.
Teams participating in the Copa America 2011
In this contest involving 12 national teams, ofwhich10 are members of the South American CONMEBOL, plus two selected as guests. The two teams that were invited were Japan and Mexico
in November 2009, was at risk Mexican participationin the contest by the proximity of dates of the Copa America with the 2011 Gold Cup. Given this conflict of schedules, the Mexicans will be represented at the tournament with a U-22 plus five reinforcements.Moreover, Japan was the one selected to complete the 12 shares of the tournament in place of the United States, but due to the earthquake that struck the country on March 11, 2011 and added to the nuclearcrisis, withdrew from the Copa America, being the selection of Costa Rica who will take his place
seeded | Bolillero 1 | Bolillero 2 | Bolillero 3 |
 Uruguay |  Paraguay Chile
 Colombia |  Perú
 Bolivia |  Ecuador
 México |

Go to the next round the two teams from each group ranked and the two best third. The ranking is determinedby taking into account the following criteria in order of preference:
1 The highest number of points obtained taking in to account all the group matches.
2 The greater goal difference together taking intoaccount all the group matches.
3 The most goals scored for considering all the group matches.
If two or more teams are matched according to the above criteria, their positions are determined by thefollowing criteria in order of preference:

1 The highest number of points scored between the teams.
2 Goal difference considering the matches between the teams.
3 The highest number of goals...
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