Historia de la animacion

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Generic Conventions in Animation.

As you, me and everybody knows, animation could be considered the art of creating many different characters, a world of your own and to use ideas and other themes and could NOT be used when using real people.

It should be noted that most if not all cartoons ever created are 2-D, and only a few are 3-D, this could be because the computer animation is rathernew and it hasn’t been fully developed, now the reason I’m pointing this out is because even thought these two techniques are rather different it doesn’t stop them from using the rules that apply when it comes to the cartoon worlds.

For example they have created animals, humans and even ghost, robot and alien characters for years, it has been very common for animators to use anthropomorphicanimals for their cartoon series (I mean animals with human characteristics), a few examples of this are “Top Cat” Cow and Chicken” and “Bugs Bunny” the reason for this could be that they find it easier to draw animals more than drawing humans because they have bendy legs long arms, elbows etc, another reason people tend to use animals is to use fantasy violence, if you notice several episodes whereBugs Bunny and Daffy Duck encounter Elmer Fudd, the rabbit ends up tricking the hunter into shooting Daffy with his gun, it could be considered funny because they are not real people getting hurt but fictional characters, now these cartoons are short, they sometimes use 3 animated shorts in thirty minutes, these shorts last seven minutes each, although there have been other shows that only showtwo different episodes and these last from ten to twelve minutes each, on very rare occasions they sometimes make a thirty minute episode, this could be considered as a special and therefore has different music, more detail background and new characters.

To some not only are the sound effects very important but also the voice of the cartoon character, for example Walt Disney had a specific ideaof how should Mickey Mouse’s voice should sound like and in the end he ended up doing the voice himself when many actors failed their audition, the fact that creating a character should also mean that it should have a voice that fits perfectly for that character, Bugs Bunny for example is known world wide, in both USA and Mexico he has been played by different actors since the death of the originalvoices of the rabbit, this actor has also son Danny Duck, Sylvester and more

I should tell you that in Mexico Bugs has an accent while in USA he does not, this is because he is considered an American rabbit and people thought he should have an American accent instead of a common Spanish voice.

Now when it comes to action cartoons they only use a thirty minute episode instead of two or threeshorts, this could be because this type of genre it more difficult to make and they have to come up with more mature music, the characters are humans and as you know humans are harder to draw than animals, these also are drawn with five fingers instead of four and when they come up with supper powers they use sounds like flames, invisibility (a shhhh kind of sound) and super strength, thesepowers are often used when a forest is on fire, a building is destroyed or to rob banks, of course the sounds that are used on these types of action animated series are similar to crashing sounds, burning wood and whistling, this could be because stuff like invisibility has to have a special effect and it would be pointless to have said effect without sound.

Another thing to bare in mind is thatthere is also the lack of continuity in these children cartoons, for example when the coyote tries to capture the Road Runner, every time he uses Acme related weapons and products, when his plan fails the coyote should either be dead, hurt or would have learned his lesson about using said products, although the creators most likely didn’t bother with continuity when it came to this cartoon for the...
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