History of bicycles

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As for we all may know, bicycles have been our method of transportation throughout years. Ever since the invention of wheels, bicycles came to existence, accompanying humankind through evolution. Formany, bikes have been indispensable tools for job development, or transportation, uniting isolated communities, and, in this manner, maintaining them communicated. Moreover, this transportation cycleis popular around the world, and is used among people of all ages. Bicycles have become highly convenient, for they do not provoke traffic congestion nor contribute global energy crisis.Additionally, they are useful for the preservation of the environment. Not only these two-wheelers are a long-lived invention, but they’re also the most civilized method of transportation, for they do notcontaminate, don’t take too much space, and provide us with good health. Bicycles are quite amazing, and have predominated since their invention to nowadays.

Their origin begins when a student of Leonardoda Vinci, named Giacomo Caprotti, created an original design for a bicycle. A Frenchman, named Monsieur Sivrac, in the 1790s, created the first bicycle. It had no pedals, no handlebars, and was madeout of wood. The next step in bicycle evolution was the Laufmaschine, also known as the Draisienne and the Hobby Horse. A German man, named Baron von Drais, invented it in 1817, with the ability tosteer. Kirkpatrick Macmillan created the first bicycle with pedals in 1839, enabling the wheel to turn. In the early 1860s, a Frenchman, named Pierre Lallement, made the velocipede, which had two steelwheels. The one in front was slightly larger than the other, and its pedals were connected to the front wheel.

Bicycles with high wheels were very popular in the late 1800s. In 1871, thehigh-wheel bicycle was invented; it was the first bicycle to be called a bicycle. They were the first to be made of all-metal, because up to that date, metal parts could not be made strong enough. They had...
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