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Source A explains the main cause of the Second World War, an unfair treaty. This source gives the reader, the point of view of a British diplomat who confesses that the treaty of Versailles wasn’t fair at all. “We left the conference aware that the treaties imposed on our enemies were neither just nor wise”. This quote tells that they have not only made a harsh treaty thatwould lead to a future conflict, but that they were aware of it from the moment they left the conference.
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In one hand Source B shows that German anger over the treaty of Versailles was justified as they did not feel they have started the war. This is one of the main reasons for their rage as they were blame for all of the casualties during the war. Germany was absolutely annoyedwhen this first term was announced. German people felt humiliated and this was easily seen in their reaction to the “war guilt” clause.
German’s anger was also justified as “did not feel they had lost the war”. This is a very important quotation as it gives us an idea of their anger; suddenly they were informed that they had lost the war, and no one wanted to believe it.
Finally source B tellsus that Germany was furious because their government wasn’t part of the talks in Versailles and that they were forced to sign a harsh treaty without a chance to debate or choice.
Therefore source B supports the view that German anger was justified over the Treaty of Versailles.
In the other hand this source tells us that German’s anger was not justified because it was a consequence of theirignorance about what was really happening with their army. The German army was in a very difficult situation and most of the Germans ignored that. No one could “understand how bad Germany’s military situation had been at the end of the war”.
This source also tells us why their anger wasn’t justified as German people thought that the German government had simply agreed to a ceasefire. They thoughtthat they just wanted to negotiate peace and that therefore they should be part of the Paris peace conference. However, their government knew that they needed to stop the war because they were about to lose it. “It should not have been treated as a defeated state”. In this quotation is easily seen that Germans thought that they haven’t been defeated. This ignorance caused a major reaction towardsthe Treaty of Versailles and an uncontrolled outrage.
Therefore it’s not easy to say if German’s reaction was justified or not. Most of its anger was a result of their ignorance about their situation, but the harsh treaty of Versailles caused an outrageous reaction. It’s almost impossible to say whether their reaction was justified or not. There are a huge number of facts intertwined in thisfurious response to the treaty of Versailles.
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Source A is more useful than source B as evidence of the treaty of Versailles because it shows that the allied intention was for “a peace of justice and wisdom” to be negotiated but that it ended up being “neither just nor wise”. This is a very important fact to be mentioned. It tells a very quick description of the treaty andtherefore it’s very useful as evidence about it.
It also gives us the point of view of a British diplomat and therefore it explains the British point of view. It’s also very useful to have this quote from someone that was present at the negotiations and that had access to information that was present a t those times. Therefore this is a very reliable source.
This source shows that the treaties were“imposed on our enemies” therefore it gives more information about the treaty of Versailles. This quote shows that defeated states could not negotiate, a Diktat, and that Germany and the allies of the triple alliance were seen as enemies.
The date of this source is very important as it is very close to the date of the negotiations. This gives us also an idea of the great reliability of this...
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