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made in france

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mosquito protection

a revolutionary

mosquito repellent

Para’Kito is an all-natural, non-toxic repellent that protects your familyfrom the diseases mosquitos often carry. Available as a wearable wristband or as a clip-on that work with refillable active pellets, it is easyto-use and effective up to an unbelievable 15 days perpellet! The perfect solution for the entire family, Para’Kito is a unique alternative to messy and bulky repellent sprays and creams that dangerously drip into eyes and mouths. It is also incrediblyless expensive. Consider how much money you will save day-to-day without having to purchase more expensive repellents that quickly wear off and must be reapplied again and again. Whether playing at homeor away, Para’Kito offers safe, head-to-toe protection around the clock.

SAFE ~ A GREEN product formulated from the highest-quality natural active ingredients with essential oils, Para’Kito isDEET-free and safe for everyone. LONG-LASTING ~ E ective in all tropical and temperate climates, Para’Kito has been tested in various laboratories in France, Germany and Australia and is proven toprotect up to 15 days per pellet. EASY ~ It’s the easiest and most convenient, re llable mosquito repellent on the market. Simply insert an active pellet into the wristband or clip and enjoy personalprotection. WEARABLE ~ Stylish, adjustable and versatile, Para’Kito is available in a variety of colors and designs. Just snap the wristband on your wrist or ankle or hang the clip on your backpack, beltor baby carrier for portable protection. ACTIVE ~ Waterproof, sweat-proof, lightweight and re llable, Para’Kito goes anywhere you go without slowing you down, 24-hours a day. Available Products:breakthroughs

Wearable Wristband

Hanging Clips

Re ll Pellets

Developed in France by Evergreen Land, Para’Kito uses only ingredients selected under strict control protocols. Its patented...
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