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English Day

* Juan Camilo

Presented to Professor: Marinela Galindo.


703: Food England
England, a country of gastronomic tradition
The British cuisine is one of the least known internationally, so that sometimes does not receive the attention it deserve

* THE 2 most typical dishes of The EnglishKitchen

1. FISH & CHIPS : This dish is nothing more than battered and fried hake served with French fries seasoned with salt and vinegar (the latter is optional)

2. THE BRITISH SAUSAGES: The English have a variety of types of sausages, a place where you go, where you will find different kinds. This dish is one of the tasty varieties of sausage cooked insauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes. |
-opinion about the course 703 :This room shows us as the English are fed daily and their food is not as recognized in the world. While in the room of 703 is not expressed to us what time they feed, and other important things in British food I thought it was a good point made by some of the typical dishes of this country. In my opinion it was a regularroom 704: Music and entertainment in EnglandMusic: Folk music of England is centuries old and has contributed to the formation of various genres, as shanties, jigs, hornpipes and dance music.In the field of popular music artists and many British bands have been mentioned as the most influential and best-selling musicians of all time. Groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elton John,Queen, Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones are some of the hottest artists in the world.The big music festivals outdoors in the summer and fall are very popular, such as Glastonbury, V Festival, Reading and Leeds Festival.-opinion about the course 704 :This room showed us as the English, enjoy the music that the players of that country produced. Showing us some of the most important singer-songwriterssuch as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin among others.
Also showed us some of the most famous movies of them. We said that the music they produce come from genres of Rock. It was a very organized room, in my opinion was one of the best rooms. In short this room deserves the award for best salon in the English day. | | | |
602: U.S. History

History: The country now calledUnited States of America, emerged from the British colonization of North America, led by British immigrants who founded waves, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Thirteen Colonies on the Atlantic coast of the North American, east of the Appalachians. These colonies were located between the French possessions in Quebec and Louisiana.
Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty was a giftfrom the French to the Americans in 1886 to commemorate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence of the United States and as a sign of friendship between the two nations.

-opinión about the course 601:
This course was very important to me because they told us the history of United States and all those planes the U.S. Air Force and how it was that drew the Statue of Liberty among otherthings like the anthem and the presidents who have had over history of that country. I think was a good course but did not have a good order, they managed to get on with the appropriate topic
801: History of Ireland 

History: History of pre-Christian Ireland comes from references found in ancient Roman writings, Irish poetry and books, as well as myths and the remains discoveredby archaeologists. Its first inhabitants, people of a culture of mid-Stone Age, or Mesolithic, reached the island after the year 8000 a. C., when the climate became more hospitable after the retreat of polar ice.

Flag of Ireland: It is a tricolor flag consists of three equal sized vertical stripes: green (hoist side), white and orange. The orange stripe represents the Protestants of Ireland...
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