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The set of skills and techniques to be applied by individuals to control the factors thatexert or may exert adverse health effects. Personal hygiene is the basic concept of hygiene, cleanliness and care of our body

Improving the health, preserve, and prevent disease. or infections. Isdefined as:
1. Clean, cleanliness of places or people.
2. Habits that promote health.
3. Part of the medicine, designed to encourage healthy habits in disease prevention.
4. Recognition, evaluationand control of those factors and environmental stresses that arise in the workplace and that can cause disease, ill health, welfare bankruptcies, discomfort and inefficiency of workers and citizens* caries
• Periodontal disease
• Gingivitis

Although the number one cause of gingivitis is plaque or tartar, other factors that promote inflammation, such as certainmedications (immunosuppressants such as cyclosporine, contraceptives and calcium channel blockers) the lack of vitamins (especially vitamin C) and pregnancy. Inflamed gums are more difficult to clean andtherefore more prone to developing plaque

The first step to prevent gingivitis is to have good oral hygiene and tooth brushing your teeth every day and then use the toothpicks or dental floss. Whenplaque is abundant, you can brush your teeth with toothpaste containing pyrophosphate specific, but once tartar has formed solid is difficult to remove and only a professional can make it disappear.After removing plaque, the gums will heal quickly because they have a better irrigation, yes, provided you maintain good hygiene and a good brushing.
Dental hygiene sweeps waste and microbes thatcause cavities and gum disease (pyorrhea). Where to spend effectively the toothbrush and the thread, there are no cavities or plaque.
Good oral hygiene in a mouth that looks and smells healthy. This...
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