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I have had several perfect days to remember, and all have been on the beach, just thisweekend I had 4 days that I consider perfect, but the one I liked most was one year ago.

We went on holiday to Varadero, Cuba all the family, parents,brothers, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and everything was perfect, but there was a special day that I woke up and went with my sister to the beach, Ispent all day with her and that makes me happy because we don’t see each other very often, because she lives in San Diego, Ca. and I only go on holidays.First we went to ride in kayaks, then we went snorkeling, we layed on the beach, then we went to La Habana what was really interesting. I was glad tohave lived this exciting and interesting day with my sister, because that day helped us to join a little.

After returning from La Habana, we went todinner and then to a dance show, it was an almost every night show in the hotel, but this day we met many people, people from everywhere. After the showwe went to the disco of the hotel, which was also very fun, because there were all the guests of the hotel and it was a very good party all nights, thisis a day to remember all my life as the most perfect days I've experienced, because we did a lot of interesting, excited and fun things together.[pic]
I think that every day can be perfect, depending on the attitude with which we live, there is not necessary different events to make them perfect.
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