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Control the Size of Your Data and the Cost of Managing It
The Informatica Application Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) product family helps your IT organization manage every phase of the datalifecycle, from development and testing to archiving and retirement. It reduces total cost of ownership while increasing return on investment for enterprise business applications by:
* Managingdata growth
* Optimizing test data management
* Supporting regulatory compliance
* Protecting sensitive data
* Supporting corporate divestitures and reorganizations
* Safelyretiring legacy systems and applications
Download the Informatica Data Archive and the Informatica Test Data Management demos to learn more. Or contact Informatica Sales to choose the solutionsthat best meet your information lifecycle management needs.
Informatica Data Archive
Informatica Data Archive helps IT organizations manage increasing data volumes in production environments by safelyarchiving application data and data warehouses, providing seamless access to archived data, and delivering the archived data to the business as needed.

Informatica Data Subset
Informatica DataSubset automates the task of creating smaller, targeted databases from large, complex databases. With referentially intact, smaller targeted copies of production data, IT organizations candramatically reduce the amount of time, effort, and disk space necessary to support nonproduction environments.
Informatica Data Masking
Informatica Data Masking software helps IT organizations prevent theunintended exposure of sensitive or confidential application data, such as credit card information, national identification numbers, names, addresses, and phone numbers.
InformaticaData Archive ayuda a las organizaciones de TI manejar crecientes volúmenes de datos en entornos de producción de manera segura el archivo de datosde aplicaciones y almacenes de datos, proporcionando un acceso...
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