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Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in September of 1969. She is 40 years old.She is a famous actress, singer and dancer Welsh. In his career he has received multiple awardsfor its actors' achievements, including the Academy Award for her portrayal of murderess Velma Kelly in the musical Chicago and worked opposite George Clooney film"Intolerable Cruelty".
Is considered one of the world's most beautiful actresses.
is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the world mundo.Zeta-Jones ismarried with the actor Michael Douglas since 2000, and they both have two children .Is one of Hollywood's richest couples.

He was born in March 1971 inScotland. since I was a child, he was passionate about theater and film, abandoning his studies to join the Perth Repertory Theater Scottish. Then studied acting atlondres.Es famous, among other things, participate in the first three episodes of Star Wars. McGregor has also acted as the male counterpart in Hollywood romantic movieslike Moulin Rouge! and Down With Love. He is married to Eve Mavrakis, a French production designer since 1995 and have two hijas.En currently resides in London.

Jude Law was born in December 1972 and is an English actor. It is the second son of two profesores.Comenzó working as an actor in his teens, appearing in plays andon British television series. Families The television series propelled him to fame in his country natal.Hizo very famous movies like "AI" and "Cold Mountain", "TheHoliday"
New Yorker was to actress Sienna Miller, and said he'd been with Lindsay Lohan.
He has been nominated for several Oscars for best actor, but has not won any yet 
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