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The success of a software engineering process strongly depends on the delivery of
quality software [36]. The purpose of quality assurance management is to minimize thepresence of defects or fault in the product and process to reach a higher level of product
quality. Therefore, the project team has to continuously verify the quality of the product
and process.Quality is hard to define, because it is a vague and relative concept,
therefore a project needs clear-cut well-defined criteria and methods to measure the
quality of the product. High qualitysoftware is typically defined by quality attributes
like customer satisfaction based on budget, time and achieved requirements.
RUP verifies the quality of the product, artifacts, and process at the end ofeach iteration
through well-defined review procedure. This review includes an iteration assessment to
evaluate the course of the iteration; which targets are obtained, why things went wrong,
andcollect feedback of the end-users. The outcome of the assessment is the primary
input for the next iteration planning activities. In RUP quality can be measured in many
ways, like use casesimplemented or milestones completed, artifacts completed, and
discrepancy of planned and real schedules and budgets. RUP prescribes that the creation
of process and product quality is the responsibility ofeveryone in the project team and
therefore is integral to almost all project activities. The accountability of the quality is
only related to whom is directly involved in a specific process componentor artifact.
The project manager role is responsible for managing, measuring, and achieving the
overall quality of the project [12].
One of the principles is to invest in quality, for that reasonMSF4ASD defines quality as
an objective. This assurance is present in all principles, practices and activities, so
quality is continuously verified to ensure the project keeps on the right track....
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