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The Parties
Christmas parties are a great way to get reacquainted with old friends. Unfortunately with the coming of the “Children Phase” of life this can be a little more difficult butattempts are always made to get old friends together to some good food and drink to celebrate another year.
Christmas Eve.
In my wife’s family this was always a time to go to church and celebrate (notin my family!. ha ha ha ) but I always grew up with a get together of my friends and a big winter walk
For kids a Christmas tradition is opening up the stockings and new pajamas. (Stockings are bigsocks hung by the fireplace which get stuffed with small trivial things. Like a hot wheel car, small toy, etc.)
Christmas Day.
For my wife and I the day ALWAYS starts with Champagne and orangejuice!!! This was something which always happened in my household growing up. I do not know why but I know others who share the same tradition. Perhaps it’s to calm the parents as the kids rip open alltheir presents!!!!! It works for us.
Christmas Dinner
A big family meal involving anyone and everyone. In my wife’s family, anyone who was not with family was usually invited and often dinner was servedfor 30+ people. Typically turkey with all the stuffings. Baked potatoes, carrots, peas baked potatoes, turnip (my family which I hated but Alex loves) gravy etc.. It is a big fun family meal. As wellit is also a tradition to get Christmas crackers for the table. See here https://protected.accountsupport.com/mildman/product.htm You pull them apart get the prize and have to wear a funny brightcoloured hat made of tissue paper. Again it’s a bit foolish, but that’s where the wine comes in to play!!!
Las Fiestas
Las fiestas de Navidad son una gran ocasión para reencontrarse con viejos amigos.Desafortunadamente con la llegada de la “Fase de los hijos” en la vida esto puede tornarse algo más dificil, pero siempre se hace un intento por reunirse con viejos amigos a comer, beber y celebrar...
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