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Colegio Cardenal SanchaVirtud y cienciaFamilia sanchina construyendo un mundo mejorCon ♥ y Emoción 50 años de EducaciónMary Alexandra VargasCourse: 8ª Code: 38Teacher:Juan Carlos Martínez |

After my graduate I am going to rest one year and later I will find a college to study for getting a job for get a good future, maybe I am goingto go to a trip to U.S.A for learning and specializing my English my English or another language for example French. In college I am going to study culinary and after Ifinish my studies, I will have my own Colombian food channel, and travel in the entire world, try different food. I will too, adopt a cat or a little pet, I will marriedwith a good man, he will be honest and faithful with me and him friends, he will be affectionate with me, and I will have the best family like modern family. I will drawand create my owns caricatures in the world and I will create my own TV show, it will be the most famous. I am going to start save money to travel in any time in my lifeif I want fun, I will travel to Spain or to Hawaii because they are beautiful, have so much sea biology. I will discover new animals and thinks, I like movies, maybe Iwill create a tale for kids and another for adults, I will create a foundation for takeoff the animals of the streets, and they’ll have so much food and water and toys. Iwill too be a good dancer, and I will teach the world the healthy it’s the dance, I will dive and discover new fishes, I want to be a very important people in the historyof the time. I will make the change because the kids are the world and he need to keep moving forward, we will need be best and make the change to save the environment.
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