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* The age of information brings about bright prospects to foreign language learning. With the progress of internet and communication technology, internet-based language learning isgetting more and more popular.
* Consequently, how to make good use of the internet to establish an appropriate language learning model is a great concern of language teachers.
* Every collegestudent can surf the internet freely and find the information to their taste. And many college students have a computer of their own. If they don’t have one, it is very convenient to log on internetbecause all colleges have many internet classrooms where students can study by themselves.
* There are many marvelous English learning websites. These websites provide enormous content for the studentsaccording to the students’ needs.
* What’s more, countless English websites are also good resources for them to learn native English. From internet, students can improve their English from allaspects, listening, speaking, reading and writing. All of these websites are a steady foundation of internet-based English learning.
Constructivist Learning Theory
* Humans generate knowledge andmeaning from their own experiences.
* Learning English is the same of course. Information technology supplies many beneficial experiences which do much good to English learning.
Effects ofInternet-based Autonomous English Learning
* Internet is a simple and convenient way of English learning. The resources provided by internet are countless and the information from internet is varied.Rich internet resources offer the students an open learning environment that is free from the limitation of time and space, which makes English learning easier and more convenient.
* Teachers mayrecommend some good websites and good content to the students.
* Teachers can also upload some teaching videos and electronic books, etc to complement classroom teaching.
* Autonomous...
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