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Chapter 8 Math Lesson Plans
Wednesday, May 2/Thursday, May 3
Plotting Points and 9-6: Distance/Midpoint Formulas
1. Coordinate Plane/X and Y Axis/Quadrants
2. Coordinate Pair/X and YCoordinates
3. How to graph
4. How to find the distance between two points by using the distance formula
5. Use example of Pythagorean Theorem
6. How to find the midpoint of two points –average x and y values
7. HW: S1 (5 minutes), X3 (10 minutes) – new

Friday, May 4/Monday, May 7
Solving Multi-Step Equations
1. Sponge: Equations
2. Solving equations Steps
a.Get rid of any parentheses
b. Put any variables together that are on the same side
c. Put any constants together that are on the same side
d. Get variables all on the same sidee. Solve a two step equation
3. Practice
4. HW: Page 739 Lesson 7-1 (1-8) and Page 740 Lesson 7-2 (4-8)

Tuesday, May 8/Wednesday, May 9
8-1: Functions
1. What is a function?2. Vocab – domain and range
3. Vertical Line Test
4. Examples
5. Practice plugging in x and y to solve for the other one
6. X and Y charts
7. Linear Functions
8. HW: Page371-372 (4-9 and 12-23)

Friday, May 11/Monday, May 14
8-2: Linear Equations with Two Variables
1. Sponge 8-2
2. What is a linear function?
a. X and Y are in separate terms and noexponents on x or y
3. How to graph them
4. Find x and y values that work
5. Write the x and y values as ordered pairs
6. Graph the ordered pairs
7. Connect as a line with arrows onthe end
8. What happens if there is no x or no y
9. CW 8-2
10. HW: Page 378 (30-40, evens)

Tuesday, May 15/Wednesday, May 16
8-3: Graphing Linear Equations Using Intercepts
1.Sponge 8-3
2. What is an intercept?
3. How to find the x and y intercepts from a graph
4. How to find the x and y intercepts from the equation
5. How to graph the line using just the...
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